2500 downloads and a new video review

Things are looking great. Over 2500 people have now tried Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks and more and more are connecting to Google+ and competing. Currently the highest score is the insane amount of 2,558,170 points with the depth of 10,282 meters! Will anyone be able to beat it?

Furthermore, Androidtapp.com took the time to do a video review and it can be found here: Video Review

Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks latest review collection

Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks is getting more and more popular and now has even got a video review published.

Have a look:
Digging Deep

“Digging Deep – Tap the Blocks” is really something unique and impresses with decent graphics and a great soundscape.”

“Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks, a well-crafted and thrilling game for those who think they have great reflexes.”

“Digging Deep is a time pass app where you could really make good use of your time in case you are bored or waiting for someone”

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Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks