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A Great Tool for Words With Friends

As a visitor of the Bitrealms Studio site, you’ve proven your great taste in quality apps and you’re surely interested in new developments in the mobile games industry. While reading this blog, we can also assume that you are an owner of a smartphone – and chances are high you’ve played one of the most successful gaming apps all over the world. We’re talking about “Words With Friends” by Zynga.

“WWF” is a popular Scrabble clone and a word game that you can play with friends or you’ve just met in the in-game matching system.

No Money, just Words

Unlike Cryptocoin Drop, this game isn’t about money, it’s just about words. However, an old proverb says, that “Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.”

But what does that mean, if you’re running out of words? If you’re playing the Scrabble-like game and the hand of fate is just dealing letters with J, Q, X and Z? If words don’t come easy, they don’t please you, they are just soul-destroying.

The bad workman blames his tools.

Well, you could say, that life is what you make it. And when life gives you lemons, you can just make lemonade out of them. But not everyone is capable of creating cunning word combinations with unusual letters. And I’m quite sure that just because you haven’t studied philology, you don’t want to lose every time you’re playing Words With Friends, right? That’s why it’s helpful to have a tool that you can use to restore equal opportunities. On word-grabber, you can find a Words With Friends Cheat, that is helping you out cope with every challenge.

Making use of the WWF helper is pretty easy: You just have to type in the letters of your game board and the tool will automatically generate all word combinations possible. And there is no black magic behind it. The tool is just retrieving data from the official ENABLE word list and is showing you all possible word combinations and the according scores.

So, whenever you need a helping hand, just help yourself!

2500 downloads and a new video review

Things are looking great. Over 2500 people have now tried Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks and more and more are connecting to Google+ and competing. Currently the highest score is the insane amount of 2,558,170 points with the depth of 10,282 meters! Will anyone be able to beat it?

Furthermore, took the time to do a video review and it can be found here: Video Review

Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks latest review collection

Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks is getting more and more popular and now has even got a video review published.

Have a look:
Digging Deep

“Digging Deep – Tap the Blocks” is really something unique and impresses with decent graphics and a great soundscape.”

“Digging Deep: Tap the Blocks, a well-crafted and thrilling game for those who think they have great reflexes.”

“Digging Deep is a time pass app where you could really make good use of your time in case you are bored or waiting for someone”

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